Why consider Orthodontic treatment?
  • Ensures proper function of the mouth and jaw joints
  • Enhances facial appearance through improved balance and symmetry of upper and lower jaws
  • Helps prevent gum disease due to simplified oral hygiene (It is much easier to take care of straight rather than crowed teeth)
  • Boosts self-image of patients who suffer from poor bite

Did you know that age is no longer an obstacle to orthodontic care?

All patients, young and old, can receive orthodontic treatment as long as they are in good general health.

ADA (American Dental Association) recommends that all children should be screened for orthodontic problems by the age of 7.
The recent advance in the world of orthodontics makes it possible to offer more choices in terms of braces types. While metal braces are still the standard of care, the clear braces become more popular among the patients.

Timing of orthodontic care is critical and some patients need to be treated sooner than others.

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